Bookmarks (web)

A collection of very random surreal websites.
Cameron's World
A geocities tribute page.
Pointless Sites
List of very useless websites.
Pirate Monkeynesses
Random pirate themed monkey-business. They also have an API.
136 Creepy Wiki Articles
A list of 136 creep wikipedia articles.
Yesterweb is a cool webring and they have a links page that has some really cool stuff.
A personal webpage with some cool stuff I like.
Archive any website and assign it a sharable link. The archiving crawler can help you bypass a paywall.
A geocities archive.
Paywall bypass site, Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder.
Fossies Archive
Fresh Open Source Software mainly for Internet, Engineering and Science.
A windows 93/95 simulator.
Domains Project
World’s single largest Internet domains dataset
The 1kB Club
A list of web pages weighing less than 1 kilobyte (1,024 bytes).
oops all marquees
Its all marquee
Hyperlinked Text
A list of websites that only use text.
Making a Website Under 1kB
A blog post describing how to create a website that's under 1kB.
Bill's World
Its like geocities on netscape.
A wiki for arts and studies. Has a focus on internet culture.