The Largest Known Primes
The 5,000 largest known prime numbers including when it was discovered and who discovered it.
A map showing various geological and environmental features.
Steve's Old Computer Museum
A really awesome encyclopedia of old personal computers.
You know that scene in Star Wars where he screams "noooo"
Just a spinning cucumber.
True Size Of
A map that allows you to move the outline country to see how it looks in different places on the mercator projection.
A collection of very random surreal websites.
A collection of polygons rendered in WebGL.
A ton of fun web projects created by Neal Agarwal
How Many People in Space Right Now
Displays the number of people currently in space.
Rob Pike
Rob Pike's personal website
The first website
This is the first website created by Tim Berners-Lee at Cern.
A fictional futuristic web multimedia story.
The Library of Babel
Every possible combination of the english alphabet, pre-computed to result in everything that has ever been and will ever be said.
Dennis Hotson
A personal website with lots of really cool projects.
Sergey Brin's Home Page
Sergey Brin's website from when he was still in school creating Google for his PhD thesis.
cat-v: Considered harmful
Tons of great content ranging from old unix operating systems to economics.
A Crouton
Really, just a crouton.
Music Map
A graph of related musicians.
Shit Storm
A literal storm of shit.
Cat Bounce
Bouncing cats
Computer Meme Iceberg
The deep iceberg of computer/programming related memes.
Multiplayer guess-the-drawing game.
Dig around and grow by collecting resources. Don't get eaten by the other miners!
A networked multiplayer where blobs eat other blobs.
Cameron's World
A geocities tribute page.
Discover Classical Art
A searchable site full of public domain art.
Is Rupert Murdoch Dead?
Tells you yes or no depending on whether or not Rupert Murdoch is still alive.
Pablo The Flamingo
An obnoxious flamingo
Click to Remove
Click to remove or something, i don't know.
Pointless Sites
List of very useless websites.
Bouncing DVD Logo
A bouncing DVD logo
Pirate Monkeynesses
Random pirate themed monkey-business. They also have an API.
My 70s TV
Classic 70s style TV that can play a number of different movies, tv shows, sports, or news all from the 1970s.
136 Creepy Wiki Articles
A list of 136 creep wikipedia articles.
Randomly generated commit messages.
BGP Routing Table Analysis
Analysis and data about routing and BGP. Not only does it have many articils with incredibly in-depth analysis but it links out to tools use to collect data and do the analysis.
Gigantic list of registered autonomous systems and whois data.
CAIDA Public Data
Huge public dataset of routing and AS data.
Library Genesis
Download books for free.
The Big Book of Catapult and Trebuchet PLANS!
Build your own trebuchet!
Kyle Drake
Personal webpage of Kyle Drake, creator of
Yesterweb is a cool webring and they have a links page that has some really cool stuff.
A personal webpage with some cool stuff I like.
Internet Explorer is Evil
The kind of anti-microsoft content that makes me nostalgic for the 90s.
Articles on algorithms for generative art.
Musk Jet
Track Elon Musk's private jet.
Money & Macro
Blog that accompanies the youtube channel Money & Macro about macro economics hosted by an economic researcher.
Utsuho Rocks
A cool personal website.
A cool personal website.
A fun little personal website.
A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden
An article that is widely sited by people that build online digital gardens. The author's site is also very good.
Aengus McMillin
A personal site with a cool second brain (digital garden).
D.S. Chapman
Some guy's blog and digital garden
Stephan Ango
Another great digital garden.
Jacky Zhao
Personal site by the creator of Quartz. This guy is really smart and my own digital garden is largely inspired by his site.
sspaeti brain
A great digital garden built with Quartz.
pamela fox
This is Pamela Fox's personal website. She's done lots of cool things and given good talks.
Someone's interesting personal site.
Just Another Useless Webpages
Basically a bunch a links to interesting and crazy retro websites.
Head Priest's Awesome Monastery
A crazy ass site.
The Unix Heritage Society
A site the preserve and maintain the history of the earliest Unix systems.
Free Cables
You just have to visit.
arxiv sanity
A live feed of research papers in computer science and machine learning.
Archive any website and assign it a sharable link. The archiving crawler can help you bypass a paywall.
An infuriating racing game.
Programming in C
An absolutly massive collection of free guides and reference material for C programming.
A geocities archive.
Paywall bypass site, Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder.
RPI4 Cluster
A guild to setting up a raspberry pi homelab with kubernetes.
Khue's Homelab
Documentation site for a really good homelab.
Fossies Archive
Fresh Open Source Software mainly for Internet, Engineering and Science.
A windows 93/95 simulator.
The Public's Library and Digital Archive
A public archive of websites, books, and software.
The Virtual AGC Project Gemini - Apollo - Shuttle
Original source code and simulators for the onboard guidance computers used in the Apollo Lunar missions.
Daves Old Computers
Tools, documentation, photos, resources, and more as part of the computers Dave has used starting from 1973.
An infinitely zooming image
Domains Project
World’s single largest Internet domains dataset
Fusion Anomaly
A surreal website that is either part of a religious-political-conspiracy cult, or an elaborate art project. Either way, it goes very deep and has lots of weird puzzles and easter eggs.
The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group
A Database the of Synthetic Taxonomy of Holotypic Occlupanids. Its a database of bread clips. Yes, bread clips. It doesn't make any sense if you don't see it yourself.
Ted the Caver
Ted tells a story about his discovery and exploration of a cave. His explorations lead him to discover that he is not alone.
A fantastic periodic table.
Meteor Craters
A map of huge craters found all across the world.
My Personal Financial Strategy
A blog post about this guys personal finance strategy.
The 1kB Club
A list of web pages weighing less than 1 kilobyte (1,024 bytes).
HE 3D Network Map
A 3D map of underwater internet cables.
syotr flows
A live monitor of the water levels of 69 rivers.
oops all marquees
Its all marquee
Hyperlinked Text
A list of websites that only use text.
A free public access UNIX system. Just login and ssh.
Welcome to NGINX
Making a Website Under 1kB
A blog post describing how to create a website that's under 1kB.
Tree of Life
Information about biodiversity, the characteristics of different groups of organisms, and their evolutionary history
Daniel J. Bernstein's personal webpage that has lots of cryptography research papers, algorithm implementations, and general information. He also really hates United Airlines lol.
The Pirate Bay
For pirate's booty
The MidnightPub
Public blogging forum.
A strange exploration site
Gives a random picture, you guess the year.
Bill's World
Its like geocities on netscape.
open-access archive for 2,317,488 scholarly articles
The XY Problem
The XY problem is asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem.
The Lemurian Time War
One of the weirder texts of an "experimental cultural theorist collective" of academics and professors from Warwick University called the CCRU. They have this all-encompassing doctrinal philisophical theory that I describe as "critical theory via accelerationist cyberpunk gothic horror" that has an eclectic online cult following.
A shadow library that provides free access to millions of research papers by bypassing the publishers' paywalls. If the link is broken, use one of .st, .ru, .ee, .tw, .shop, .se, .cc, .do, .si, .vk
Some cool texts
A wiki for arts and studies. Has a focus on internet culture.
The Anarchist Library
Library of left anarchist essays, articles, and books.
Introduction To Marxism
A good starting point if you don't want to try decoding the 3 massive volumes of Capital. The web design is also really cute.