You know that scene in Start Wars where he screams "noooo"
Just a spinning cucumber.
A collection of very random surreal websites.
Rob Pike
Rob Pike's personal website
A Crouton
Really, just a crouton.
Shit Storm
A literal storm of shit.
Cat Bounce
Bouncing cats
Computer Meme Iceberg
The deep iceberg of computer/programming related memes.
Is Rupert Murdoch Dead?
Tells you yes or no depending on whether or not Rupert Murdoch is still alive.
Pablo The Flamingo
An obnoxious flamingo
Click to Remove
Click to remove or something, i don't know.
Pointless Sites
List of very useless websites.
Bouncing DVD Logo
A bouncing DVD logo
Pirate Monkeynesses
Random pirate themed monkey-business. They also have an API.
Randomly generated commit messages.
The Big Book of Catapult and Trebuchet PLANS!
Build your own trebuchet!
Internet Explorer is Evil
The kind of anti-microsoft content that makes me nostalgic for the 90s.
Free Cables
You just have to visit.