Bookmarks (science)

A map showing various geological and environmental features.
A collection of polygons rendered in WebGL.
How Many People in Space Right Now
Displays the number of people currently in space.
BGP Routing Table Analysis
Analysis and data about routing and BGP. Not only does it have many articils with incredibly in-depth analysis but it links out to tools use to collect data and do the analysis.
arxiv sanity
A live feed of research papers in computer science and machine learning.
The Virtual AGC Project Gemini - Apollo - Shuttle
Original source code and simulators for the onboard guidance computers used in the Apollo Lunar missions.
A fantastic periodic table.
Meteor Craters
A map of huge craters found all across the world.
syotr flows
A live monitor of the water levels of 69 rivers.
Tree of Life
Information about biodiversity, the characteristics of different groups of organisms, and their evolutionary history
open-access archive for 2,317,488 scholarly articles
A shadow library that provides free access to millions of research papers by bypassing the publishers' paywalls. If the link is broken, use one of .st, .ru, .ee, .tw, .shop, .se, .cc, .do, .si, .vk