A ton of fun web projects created by Neal Agarwal
Rob Pike
Rob Pike's personal website
Dennis Hotson
A personal website with lots of really cool projects.
Sergey Brin's Home Page
Sergey Brin's website from when he was still in school creating Google for his PhD thesis.
Is Rupert Murdoch Dead?
Tells you yes or no depending on whether or not Rupert Murdoch is still alive.
Kyle Drake
Personal webpage of Kyle Drake, creator of
A personal webpage with some cool stuff I like.
Musk Jet
Track Elon Musk's private jet.
Money & Macro
Blog that accompanies the youtube channel Money & Macro about macro economics hosted by an economic researcher.
Jacky Zhao
Personal site by the creator of Quartz. This guy is really smart and my own digital garden is largely inspired by his site.
pamela fox
This is Pamela Fox's personal website. She's done lots of cool things and given good talks.