Bookmarks (personal-site)

Rob Pike
Rob Pike's personal website
Dennis Hotson
A personal website with lots of really cool projects.
Kyle Drake
Personal webpage of Kyle Drake, creator of
A personal webpage with some cool stuff I like.
Utsuho Rocks
A cool personal website.
A cool personal website.
A fun little personal website.
Aengus McMillin
A personal site with a cool second brain (digital garden).
D.S. Chapman
Some guy's blog and digital garden
Stephan Ango
Another great digital garden.
Jacky Zhao
Personal site by the creator of Quartz. This guy is really smart and my own digital garden is largely inspired by his site.
sspaeti brain
A great digital garden built with Quartz.
pamela fox
This is Pamela Fox's personal website. She's done lots of cool things and given good talks.
Someone's interesting personal site.
Head Priest's Awesome Monastery
A crazy ass site.